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Vermont is Green in Many Ways – Take a Look At Addison County Recycling

Vermont is very green – even in winter. We’ve got Green Mountains and green minds. Not green with envy, but green with conservation. Recycling is not new here. Vermont’s first European settlers and original Abenaki residents used and reused whatever …Read More

Addison County Home for the Holidays

The Vermont economic outlook, according to a recent “Regional Perspectives” white paper published by Chase, “is forecast to strengthen, in lagged response to stronger economic growth.” This is good, if lagging, news for Addison County. The paper sites a low …Read More

Giving Thanks in Addison County

The Thanksgiving focus on gratitude suits me. I am very grateful to be living and working in Addison County, Vermont. And everybody from Forbes Magazine to the Dalai Lama says that gratitude is good for you (Forbes calls giving the …Read More

Vermont Votes – We have a Long History of it in Addison County

Election day is finally here. Vermont state officials expect a strong voter turnout. They always expect a strong voter turnout. Vermont votes. We have a history of it. It’s what we do. Vermonters make their voices heard. During General Elections, …Read More

Staging your home in Addison County: STFD

Any texting kid in Vermont knows the expression, but in our case, STFD stands for “Shut the Front Door”. It’s time to make our entryways into the arm candy (another fun slang term that refers to an attractive person who …Read More

Vemont Foliage Roadtrips, Irene and Horatio’s Drive

Foliage season in Central Vermont is going to be spectacular this year. Boston newspapers, the US Forrest Service and PBS seem to be in agreement on this wonderful prediction. The forecast is practically welcome after the devastating blast of Hurricane …Read More

Using Social Media to Sell Vermont Properties: This is not your father’s Middlebury Real Estate Agent

People, including real estate agents, can be reluctant to embrace change. We have some clients who are still on dial-up and others without any internet access at all. But that does not stop us from using Social Media to sell …Read More

Gourmet Kitchens and the Kitchen Triangle in Addison County

In many Vermont homes the kitchen is the center of the universe, especially during harvest season. This is the time of year when we bring it all indoors to that utilitarian kitchen triangle of creation. But even while the time-honored …Read More

The best pineapples can be found in Vermont Bed and Breakfasts

As a former innkeeper and a persistent lover of beautiful things, my heart belongs to the inns and bed and breakfasts across Vermont. This is where the body takes ease and the heart takes flight. You might imagine that the …Read More

Vermont Inns: Dreamy Vacations and Vocations

For sweethearts across the country, cozy Vermont Inns are the stuff of dreams. Especially in the Fall. Open your mind’s eye for a minute. Imagine crisp evening air, a crackling fire in the hearth and an exquisite meal of local …Read More

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