Vermont is Green in Many Ways – Take a Look At Addison County Recycling

Vermont is very green – even in winter. We’ve got Green Mountains and green minds. Not green with envy, but green with conservation. Recycling is not new here. Vermont’s first European settlers and original Abenaki residents used and reused whatever was at hand to keep life and limb together. Our Vermont forefathers were master recyclers: they called it thrift, making do, and getting by.

Today we think of recycling as paper and plastic. Or do we?

We’ve got Goodpoint Recycling (electronic and copper recycling in Middlebury), Casella Waste Management (transforming traditional waste streams into resources in Middlebury), Round Robin (gently used clothing at the Marbleworks), and Sweet Charity resale shop in Vergennes. These types of recycling resources are what you might expect here in Addison County, but we’ve also got old school recycling.

Take a look at this historic Greek Revival on Route 116:

Greek_Revival_Demolition_1 Greek_Revival_Demolition_2
Greek_Revival_Demolition_3 Greek_Revival_Demolition_4
Greek_Revival_Demolition_5 Greek_Revival_Demolition_6

The structure was completely dismantled piece by piece by William Gould Architectural Preservation, LLC.  “These buildings are meticulously dismantled historic structures, fully documented, labeled, and packaged in order to preserve their historic character as economically as possible.”

This Greek Revival will have yet another revival in a new location. Now that is recycling!

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