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Home for the Holidays: Addison County Style

The phrase “quintessential Vermont” means different things to different people. Wilderness, family farms, quaint villages, skiing and riding, staunch individualism, cottage industry, and a fetish for slow food can all fit into the definition. But ‘home for the holidays’ usually means one thing to all of us: family.Read More

Vermont Snow Banks and Curb Appeal in Winter

Here in Addison County, especially this winter, curb appeal has a double meaning. Certainly we want our Vermont homes for sale to be appealing from afar, but after the snow plows have piled up such monumental snow banks along the edges of our roads and driveways, the notion of actually seeing the curb holds a great deal of appeal.Read More

Coffee in the Green Mountains

Addison County has not been left out of the coffee buzz. And while Starbucks products are ubiquitous in the civilized world, we don’t have a shop in Middlebury or Bristol. Both towns have plenty of coffee shops, though and even a few artisan coffee roasters: Awake Organic Coffee Roasters and Vermont Coffee Company top the list. These two roasters toast up some flavors that put the rich back into ritual. Thank heaven for Vermont Coffee Company’s dark roast.Read More

Saint Patrick’s Day in Vermont: A Look at Addison County Homes with Bars

Saint Patrick’s Day in Vermont: Though we are all Irish at least once a year, Vermont is one of the most Irish states in the U.S. This year, when you raise your Parting Glass, we’d like to recommend gathering with friends in the comfort of one of these fine Vermont homes. We put together a little selection of Chittenden and Addison County homes perfectly suited for celebrations with friends.Read More

Giving Thanks and Looking Ahead: New Website!

Welcome to Vermont Home Properties! The launch of this new Vermont real estate website provides us the perfect opportunity to reflect and give thanks. We are indeed grateful to be able to have helped so many fulfill their dream of Vermont home ownership. Vermonthomeproperties.com is a beautiful new gateway to even more of the work we love!Read More

Vermont in November

Thanksgiving meets Hanukkah in the best Gourmet Kitchens in Addison County

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah coincide this year and cooks all across Vermont are rubbing their hands together in delight. The happy confluence of these two great food- and family-centered holidays gives cooks the opportunity to shine. Thanksgiving and Hanukkah have not occurred on the same date since 1888 and they wont meet again until 2070. Ladies and Gentlemen, don your aprons and start your ovens, it’s time to celebrate!Read More

The Paranormal in Vermont

Vermont is an old state filled with historic homes and plenty of mysteries. We joined the United States as the 14th state, in 1791. Many things have happened since then, some tragic, some paranormal. Each Vermont town has its anecdotal tales of haunting and unexplained events. And there are legends….Read More

Reintroduced to Vermont

The 2013 nesting season in Vermont was good for bald eagles according to Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department and Audubon Vermont. Vermont Digger reports: “From 16 known nests, Vermont’s bald eagles produced 26 fledglings, or offspring that survived to leave …Read More

Happiness is an inside job in Vermont

MSN just produced a report of American happiness – state by state. Vermont scored number 2 in the nation. (Haiwaii always scores number one in such polls because of its prevalence of “Aloha Spirit” and shaka* signing surfers.) These types …Read More

Looking Ahead to the First Flowers of Spring in Addison County

For Vermont Gardeners, February is a month of flowers. But not the roses you might expect – Valentine’s Day was invented to get us through until the Snowdrops. While everyone is busy trying to memorize Shakespeare’s Sonnet #18 in time …Read More

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