Vermont Snow Banks and Curb Appeal in Winter

Glowing_Tree_Lights_in_the_Winter_NightHere in Addison County, especially this winter, curb appeal has a double meaning. Certainly we want our Vermont homes for sale to be appealing from afar, but after the snowplows have piled up such monumental snow banks along the edges of our roads and driveways, the notion of actually seeing the curb holds a great deal of appeal!

In its traditional sense, curb appeal can be quite magical in the snow, but don’t let the fluffy white brilliance out there lull you into a false sense of complacency about the beauty of your home. The Spring Housing Season is nearly upon us, Polar Vortex and Alberta Clipper notwithstanding. There are some simple things you can do right now to prepare your home for its best possible curb appeal for which we recommend to get some information about nuts and bolts before buying materials. You should also check on your heating system before listing your home for sale. Contact a gas furnace repair technician so you can rest assured that your hvac system is in great shape.

Boosting your curb appeal calls for color, light and clarity – three things we can all use this time of year.

Color – Shades of Grey are sexy in novels and film, but in winter can be down right gloomy. Be it a colorful wreath, shutters in accent colors, or brightly colored curtains visible from outdoors, give your home some color! You may even install a new siding with a vibrant color.

Light – The sun sets early. Make the entrances to your home visible with well-directed exterior and interior lights. Lighted walkways, porches, and windows make your home look more welcoming. Replace any burnt out bulbs and clean light fixtures. Open the drapes and wash the windows inside and out – let what little light there is find its way indoors! Keep tasteful holiday lights aglow in your trees through out the winter (white is best for this purpose).

Clarity – Don’t let your potential home buyer guess. Make your house number exceedingly clear with artfully crafted, prominently displayed numbers. Clear all pathways and entrances of snow. Clear away accumulated winter debris from your rain gutters. Clear away any broken branches that may have resulted from the season’s insult to your trees and shrubs. If your gutters have been damaged, having a new copper gutter installation with the help of a gutter installation specialist may be more practical than repairing all the damages.

Attention to small details such as these will not only make you feel good about the beauty of your home, they will make your home more beautiful.

image attribution: [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons