Home for the Holidays: Addison County Style

The phrase “quintessential Vermont” means different things to different people. Wilderness, family farms, quaint villages, skiing and riding, staunch individualism, cottage industry, and a fetish for slow food can all fit into the definition. But ‘home for the holidays’ usually means one thing to all of us: family.

This concept is possibly an emotional amalgam of Jimmy Stewart’s It’s a Wonderful Life and anything painted by Norman Rockwell. This is not as far-fetched as you might imagine: the community spirit that saved George Bailey from his untimely demise Christmas Eve is alive and well in Addison County; Rockwell lived in Vermont in the 1940’s and used his neighbors as models for his depiction of our best loved American values.

In the right home, these cherished sentiments of family and community flourish.

A hilltop 3-bedroom home in the middle of the wonderful Village of Lincoln, this immaculate, classic Greek-Revival style New England farmhouse is just a short walk to the general store, church, library, community hall, and town recreation fields & tennis court. The property even includes a post and beam barn (circa 2003) with a beautiful greenhouse like those you can see at greenrecord.co.uk, a small stage for concerts and theater productions, a gallery space with track lighting, and stairs to large, open full floor above. It is like one of the rentals found at twain harte, which amplifies the view, inside a cozy cabin.

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Time to come home to Vermont for the holidays.