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Home for the Holidays: Addison County Style

The phrase “quintessential Vermont” means different things to different people. Wilderness, family farms, quaint villages, skiing and riding, staunch individualism, cottage industry, and a fetish for slow food can all fit into the definition. But ‘home for the holidays’ usually means one thing to all of us: family.Read More

What Keeps Vermont Vermont? Sustainability, Creativity, Teamwork…

This spring and summer we are looking beyond the excellent micro-brews and fabulous local foods into some of the more tangible characteristics of Vermont that make it (and keep it) such a wonderful place to live and breathe. Namely the beautiful land and a hardscrabble determination to keep it as it is.Read More

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Greek Revivals in Addison County

As the Olympic Games continue to delight London, Vermonters and everyone else on this side of the big pond fixates on all things Greek. And why not? The Greeks invented the Olympic Games, maps, central heating and poetry, after all. …Read More

Thanksgiving in Vermont and the Evolution of the American Dining Room

It’s mid-November and hosts across Vermont and the rest of the country are polishing their silverware for the onslaught of family and friends at Thanksgiving. And where will we gather to give thanks? The dining room, of course. Football games …Read More