Staging your home in Addison County: STFD

Any texting kid in Vermont knows the expression, but in our case, STFD stands for “Shut the Front Door”. It’s time to make our entryways into the arm candy (another fun slang term that refers to an attractive person who accompanies another to public gatherings but is not necessarily romantically involved with that person) that sells our properties.

The interior designers will tell you that chartreuse and animal prints are all the rage today, but my taste for zebras is far outweighed by my taste for a welcoming doorway. A few of my favorite Addison County entryways can be found at the Shoreham Inn, on Turkey Lane in Panton, and on Lake Street in Addison.

A great entryway can make all the difference in the successful staging of your property.

Better Homes and Gardens will have your front stoop festooned in pumpkins, milk pails, sap buckets and cornstalks before you can say Happy Thanksgivoween… but that might be too folksy for some. Stick to simple, stick to natural. Always be tasteful. And:

  • Don-t go overboard. Potential home buyers will not want to trip over the latest from Ben Franklin and Martha Stewart as they find their way to your door. But don’t make it sterile either.
  • Make it comfortable. You’d be surprised how much a neatly stacked woodpile can imply about the comfort and coziness of your home.
    Staging your home with something a little less folksy might be in keeping with your style.
  • Make it bright. This is particularly important as the daylight hours shorten.

Staging your home is like cooking an exquisite meal. Make it fresh. Take inspiration where you can find it: in the environment or on  Pinterest, but get inspired about the entrance to your home.

They say that eyes are the doorway to the soul. Your entryway is the doorway to the sale of your home. So STFD – and decorate it with something beautiful and seasonal.

all images from Pinterest

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