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Addison County Mudrooms

January Thaw Redux here in Addison County Vermont has made a mess of living rooms across the region. Unless, of course, your home includes that decontamination chamber we fondly refer to as The Mudroom. The Mudroom is a New England …Read More

Vermont Votes – We have a Long History of it in Addison County

Election day is finally here. Vermont state officials expect a strong voter turnout. They always expect a strong voter turnout. Vermont votes. We have a history of it. It’s what we do. Vermonters make their voices heard. During General Elections, …Read More

Vemont Foliage Roadtrips, Irene and Horatio’s Drive

Foliage season in Central Vermont is going to be spectacular this year. Boston newspapers, the US Forrest Service and PBS seem to be in agreement on this wonderful prediction. The forecast is practically welcome after the devastating blast of Hurricane …Read More

Getting Fit in Addison County Vermont

At no time is our national obsession with fitness greater than during the weeks preceding an Olympic Games. Fanatics all over the country don their track suits and bathing caps and start to sweat. Vermont is no stranger to the …Read More

Finding Peace in Vermont: Addison County

Vermont is peaceful. There is no doubt about it. But the very notion of peace conjures up different things for different people. Some recall the naked hippies at Woodstock back in the day others recall the Dalai Lama’s last visit …Read More

Vermont Summer Olympians and the Demolition Derby

Vermont has a long and celebrated history of sending outstanding athletes to the Olympics. The Winter Olympic, that is. With the approach of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, I wanted to blog about the amazing Vermont Athletes we are …Read More

Would Vermont Cheese by any other Name Smell as Sweet?

A Google search for ‘Vermont Real Estate‘ yields more than 100 million results. A search for ‘Vermont Cheese’, on the other hand, yields about 10 thousand results. And yet the cheese search has a more coveted cachet. Cabot (the cheese, …Read More

The Sources of Fourth of July Pride in Vermont

The question on the sun-burned lips of Vermont-lovers everywhere will soon be “Where is the best place in Vermont to see the fireworks?” Answers vary depending on who you ask; each answer is correct. A more meaningful question might be …Read More

Celebrating the Great Outdoors – Indoors in Vermont

Few things are as pleasurable as sleeping outdoors in the early days of Vermont summer. A night under the stars can be magical and restorative…And buggy. Modern practitioners of the art of sleeping al fresco will tell you that the screened porch is civilization’s …Read More

Fly the Coop – Up to Addison County Vermont

The contemporary renaissance of healthy living and gourmet local foods has given wings to the revival of the backyard flock. More and more rural and not-so-rural families are rediscovering Vermont’s time-honored tradition of keeping chickens. And some are keeping them …Read More

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