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48 Hours in Addison County

Earlier this year, the Addison County Regional Marketing Partnership – a collaboration between the Addison County Economic Development Corporation, Addison County Chamber of Commerce, the Better Middlebury Partnership, the Vergennes Partnership, and Bristol Core – launched a multi-season, comprehensive digital marketing campaign. The …Read More

Middlebury Area Land Trust and National Trails Day

As Vermonters we show our love for our Green Mountain State in many ways: we relish the outdoors, we flock to summer festivals, we hike, we eat local food, we brag, we share photos, the list goes on and on. But one thing that brings out our greatest sense ofRead More

Run Vermont, Run! Middlebury Maple Run, Vermont City Marathon…

Vermont was ranked the healthiest state in the country in 2012 and 2011 – this is because we like to go outside and play in all seasons. In winter, we ski like banshees, in summer we sail and swim. Spring is the season for marathons – we need to burn off that extra sweet something we put on during maple season when there’s not enough snow to ski and its too muddy to hike.Read More

Earth Day Vermont – Today?

Monday, April 22 is Earth Day. Here in Addison County, let me rephrase, here on the Internet, it is difficult to find Vermont Earth Day activities. Either event organizers have not honed their Social Media chops, I am barking up the wrong tree, or not much is going on. When I imagined the latter, I was saddened, but then thought about it. It is Earth Day more often than not here in Vermont.

Our state recently won acclaim for topping the Localvore Index, an index that ranks the 50 states in terms of their commitment to local foods. We have more farmers markets and more CSAsRead More

Bad Weather and Really Good Food in Middlebury

The intense beauty of Vermont seasons cannot be denied, despite today’s winter weather advisory and yesterday’s headline in the Burlington Free Press: “Weather Rapport: Winter to make another comeback in Vermont.” The weather in Burlington is cold and gloomy; the weather on Lake Champlain is cold and gloomy; the weather here in Middlebury is cold and gloomy. Perfect weather for fireplaces, introspection and poetry…

On Spring days like today when the sun seems to be on sabbatical, some of us search for Spring in other places – like on the plate or in the bottle. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating a week-long binge until the thermometer straightens up, I am merely suggesting a few options for levity.Read More

The Sound of Spring in Addison County

The sound of Spring in Vermont is a beautiful thing. In Addison County, we can hear the sounds of melting snow and rushing rivers, the sounds of amorous robins and red-winged black birds. The air carries the smell of damp earth and promise. But today, there seems to be something else in the breeze – the sound of rumbling. It is the collective sound of 625,741 Vermonters grumbling about the weather.

The reluctance of Spring is a perennial topic. It frustrates everyone except those busy maple sugaring. They are in the throes of their season – the maple sap run in Vermont is usually March and the first week or two of April, weather depending, of course. The best days for sap collection are those before the trees start to form buds when daytime temperatures are above freezing during the day and below freezing at night.Read More

Black History Month in Vermont

Unless you live here in Vermont, our state’s name does not come up in many conversations about Black History in America. Ours is one the the least diverse states in the country. According to the 2012 Census, Vermont’s population is 95.5% White and only 1.1% Black (the only other populations of any number are Asian at 1.4% and Latino at 1.6%). But this homogeneity was not always the state of our state.

Vermont was the first state to prohibit slavery. As a nascent member of the Union, Vermont abolished slavery outright in its constitution, dated July 8, 1777. Here’s Chapter 1, Article 1:Read More

Sparkling in Addison County

Cheers, Vermont! Middlebury finally has a champagne and sparkling wine bar! It’s called Sparkling and it’s on College Street.

The week after New Year’s Eve opinions about champagne vary from “never, ever again” to “how I love it”. Despite the ferocious hangover produced by too much of a good thing (the bubbles deliver alcohol into the bloodstream much more quickly than the liver can tolerate), champagne is still our drink of choice for celebrations.Read More