Vermont Real Estate New Year’s Resolutions

Vermont Real Estate New Year's Resolutions can be easier...

Vermont Realtors are not immune to the challenges of keeping our New Year’s Resolutions. Like you, we resolve year after year to lose weight, get more exercise, spend more time with family, spend less time on the computer, get more organized…But for me, my real estate New Year’s Resolutions are easier to realize because they are all about you, my client.

Helping you realize your dreams of home ownership or inn ownership is incredibly fulfilling for me. It makes me happy in a way that a half a grapefruit for breakfast never could. So making and keeping these resolutions each year is a no-brainer.

Here are my Real Estate Resolutions for 2011:

1. Make more consistent contact with past clients – Sign them up for my biscotti of the month club!

2. List more properties that are priced for the current market. Don’t take listings that are priced too high. This may sound self-serving, but it is always in the best interest of the client to price real estate appropriately.

3. Sell more properties to buyers who realize the great investment opportunities that exist now. Here’s more information about investment opportunities in real estate from the National Association of Realtors. Contact me and we’ll talk over biscotti and coffee about Vermont real estate investment opportunities. There are many, and I think it’s a good time to invest in Vermont.

4. List, sell! List, Sell!

5. Lose the next ten pounds – I’ll walk to all my appointments! Giving more biscotti to friends and clients will help me reach this goal.

Wishing you the very best for 2011!

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