Staging your Vermont Property for the holidays

Just because Vermont skies are threatening snow, dreidels are spinning and Santa is lurking around the bend does not mean that you should forsake plans to sell your Vermont property during the holidays.

Most Realtors agree that taking your home off the market during Hanukkah and Christmas is a mistake. And they are right. Our society focuses on the home during the holidays. Shouldn’t your home for sale be part of this cultural focus?

Good holiday staging can yield great rewards:

  • You’ll get a jump on the January real estate rush
  • Many people have taken their homes off the market, so your home will have less competition
  • Vermont is a winter wonderland. Second home owners flock here for the white stuff. Don’t deny them their new winter home
  • Sprucing up your home for the holidays will boost your own holiday spirits
  • You wont have to clean up frantically for that visit from the in-laws

Here is one of our Vergennes listings, staged beautifully for the holidays

Like summer real estate staging, you’ll need to make sure your home still exudes fabulous curb appeal. Maintaining great curb appeal in Vermont in the winter presents certain safety concerns missing from the lazy days of summer. Make sure the path to your door is welcoming and safe: remove ice and snow early and often, hire someone to plow the driveway, clear ice and snow from your gutters, and don’t skimp on outdoor lighting.

Martha Stewart recommends shooting stars, but I prefer more earthy decorations. Each year I spray paint bare branches bright red and arrange them in vases and urns in the yard and on the porch. The color is striking and festive. Make or purchase a wreath, display a more festive menorah, string popcorn in the trees, add the charm that will make your Vermont property their new home of holidays. For more information on real estate staging options, you can check out this similar sites at

1950s Holiday staging image credit