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Vermont Summer Spirit: Gin or Vodka?

Vermont summer sometimes cries out for a refreshing tonic…maybe with a little gin or vodka. These summer pleasures are even more pleasurable now that distilleries are cropping up like weeds all over the state. Here in Addison County we have …Read More

Vermont Summer Olympians and the Demolition Derby

Vermont has a long and celebrated history of sending outstanding athletes to the Olympics. The Winter Olympic, that is. With the approach of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, I wanted to blog about the amazing Vermont Athletes we are …Read More

Celebrating the Great Outdoors – Indoors in Vermont

Few things are as pleasurable as sleeping outdoors in the early days of Vermont summer. A night under the stars can be magical and restorative…And buggy. Modern practitioners of the art of sleeping al fresco will tell you that the screened porch is civilization’s …Read More