Grape Growing in Vermont

One doesn’t normally associate vineyards and grape growing with Vermont, but Chris Granstrom, owner of Lincoln Peak Vineyard in Middlebury, Vermont is changing that. Starting out as an apple and then strawberry grower, Granstrom turned to grape growing about five years ago, inspired by an Internet chat group. He learned that no one in Vermont had tried growing wine grapes yet, so with few grape plants sent by a generous Minnesotan, Granstrom started what is now 12 acres of grapes. Originally, Granstrom and his wife Michaela were only in the nursery business, selling about 21,000 vines last year to customers all over the country. When they were just breaking even selling and growing grapes, they decided to start making wine, since they had the vineyard anyway. They now produce several varities of red, white and ice wines, all of which have received praise from members of the “local pour” movement.

To read more about Lincoln Peak Vineyard and growing wine grapes in Vermont, read the full, cover story in the Spring 2009 issue of the Middlebury College Magazine.

You can also visit the Vineyard’s website to learn more about buying wine and grapes, or to get information about tours and tastings.

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