Green Drinks at the Skinny Pancake, Burlington, VT

The last Tuesday of each month brings together environmentally-minded community members for a time where they can meet new people, share ideas and, of course, share some drinks. Green Drinks, an international movement created as a sort of social time for workers in environmental fields, is hosted by the Skinny Pancake, located on the corner of College and Lake Streets in Burlington, VT from 5:30 – 7:30 the last Tuesday of each month (that means it’s happening tomorrow, 4/28!).

So what makes this different from any other night in downtown Burlington? Well, a few things. First, there is a different sponsor each month. This month it is the Vermont Earth Institute, an organization that engages and supports Vermonters in reducing consumption and adopting environmentally sustainable practices in all areas of their lives. VEI will be talking about some of the classes they are offering, as well as local initiatives. Second, there are free drinks. Sponsors provide the first $200 of drinks, which give you all the more reason to show up at 5:30 ready to mingle.

This event has been drawing more and more people each time it happens, so plans are being made for a bigger venue and more sponsors. Keep an eye out for more info in the future. To receive mailings about Green Drinks, visit the Skinny Pancake’s site, and sign up for their email list located on the right hand side with “green news” demarcated.

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