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Holiday Sparkle in Vermont

While little kids across Vermont are wondering how a certain red-suited guy will conduct his sleigh next week in such a dearth of snow, their parents are discovering other ways to find holiday sparkle in Vermont.Read More

Vermont Snow Banks and Curb Appeal in Winter

Here in Addison County, especially this winter, curb appeal has a double meaning. Certainly we want our Vermont homes for sale to be appealing from afar, but after the snow plows have piled up such monumental snow banks along the edges of our roads and driveways, the notion of actually seeing the curb holds a great deal of appeal.Read More

What Keeps Vermont Vermont? Sustainability, Creativity, Teamwork…

This spring and summer we are looking beyond the excellent micro-brews and fabulous local foods into some of the more tangible characteristics of Vermont that make it (and keep it) such a wonderful place to live and breathe. Namely the beautiful land and a hardscrabble determination to keep it as it is.Read More

Patnon Project John Seibert Birdseye View image

Vermont Home Buyers FAQs

Vermont real estate is some of the most sought after in the country. One look out the window will tell you why. It’s gorgeous here! Who wouldn’t want to buy a home here? That is why we put together a Vermont Home Buyer list of frequently asked questions. Get your wheels turning and start to give some shape to your dream of buying your Vermont dream home.

Here is the first installment. During the next few months, we’ll give you some answers that will help you realize to home ownership. If your questions are not answered here, please contact me.Read More

September in Vermont is the Fairest Month

“And every fair from fair sometime declines.” Except in Vermont. Obviously, the Bard had never been here in September. September in Vermont feels like a reward for good behavior. It’s like a long weekend after a particularly challenging workweek. The harvest is in, the kids are back at school, the air smells of apples. It’s time to celebrate.

Which is exactly what Vermonters do this time of year. Fairs and Festivals crisscross the state. I thought I’d mention a few here, in case you want to make plans.Read More

Coffee in the Green Mountains

Addison County has not been left out of the coffee buzz. And while Starbucks products are ubiquitous in the civilized world, we don’t have a shop in Middlebury or Bristol. Both towns have plenty of coffee shops, though and even a few artisan coffee roasters: Awake Organic Coffee Roasters and Vermont Coffee Company top the list. These two roasters toast up some flavors that put the rich back into ritual. Thank heaven for Vermont Coffee Company’s dark roast.Read More

Moonlight in Vermont, Light Pollution, and the Perseid Meteor Shower

Though there are no dark-sky parks in Vermont, there are some places you can still find inspiration from the nighttime sky without too much light encroachment. Addison County has no major light polluters. With only one city, Vergennes, and no big towns other than Middlebury, your opportunities for star gazing are pretty good – weather permitting, of course. This is great news because the confluence of the New Moon with the peak of Perseid Meteor Shower is in the offing. Read More

Winter Storms and Cozy Vermont Homes with Fireplaces

Even as we enjoy the snow, we crave the warmth of the hearth. Frank Lloyd Wright is often quoted as saying, the hearth is the psychological center of the home. It is not at all surprising that the fire is central to our being – especially here in Vermont. Keep the home fires burning! The fireplace is intrinsic to our connection to the things we love: family, community, home, food, light…It’s good for us.

A recent study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology examines the beneficial impacts of the beloved crackling fire in the fireplaceRead More

4 Gourmet Reasons you’ll love living in Vermont: chevre, fresh mozzarella, French nougat, Vermont Gold vodka

Given that Vermont has always been synonymous with dairy farming (sheep and cows), it makes perfect sense that Shelburne Farms would create an annual festival highlighting Vermont farms and cheeses. Despite shifting weather and threat of storms, the second annual …Read More

How can a gourmet entrepreneur find happiness in a small Vermont town? Voilà, Bristol’s Almost Home

This is your chance to own an iconic Vermont landmark: Bristol’s  Almost Home Market is for Sale! A gourmet Vermont country store for the 21st century, Almost Home has become the hub of this busy bedroom community. In a state known …Read More

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