The way to the heart? In Vermont, it’s through the kitchen

Vermonters are no strangers to the powerful connection between love, sex and food. Vermont cuisine is known for its luscious wholeness: think heady craft brews, mouth-watering gourmet truffles, succulent ice wines, fragrant farmstead cheeses and chewy artisan breads. Just take a look at the Middlebury Farmers Market, even in winter it is a hedonistic journey of sensual delight.

History and Psychology Today tell us that there is a very close relationship between love, sex and food. “The human need for food and sex are basic, part of the foundation of our nature, which makes it sensible that they are so closely knit together.”

This is why the kitchen is the heart of the home. Think about the exciting scenes in Tom Jones, Like Water for Chocolate and 9 1/2 Weeks…all the passion starts in the kitchen.

Let me suggest a few sexy kitchens in Charlotte and Addison that might fuel such fires this Valentine’s Day (click on each image for full property details):

The gourmet kitchen in this magnificent Adirondack Style home in Charlotte features granite counters (head to the Granite Transformations site to know more), custom tile & top-end appliances, and a fireplace, not visible from this view. Wait until you see the dining room. From here, you’ll have spectacular unobstructed views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks.
This cook’s kitchen in Charlotte is the ultimate room for entertaining a large party – or just one. 68 private acres, expansive Adirondack views, 400+ feet frontage on Lake Champlain abutting conservation land, and a 4-bedroom guesthouse complete this picture of paradise.
This absolutely beautiful home on Mountain Road in Addison is on 132 acres. It features panoramic views overlooking fields and woodlands stretching over the Champlain Valley to the Adirondacks…and a fabulous dream kitchen. This historic home, built in 1800, was restored to perfection in 1993.

Perhaps oysters are on the menu? Followed by Foie Gras, famous for its aphrodisiac qualities. And fresh figs (ala DH Lawrence) for desert?

Every fruit has its secret. Ooh la la!

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