Sandwiched in Addison County: The Mother-In-Law Apartment Takes Center Stage

Happy Senior Citizens…coming to a mother-in-law apartment near you.

Though so many of us who live in Vermont are young at heart, the Green Mountain State is not exempt from the demographics of an aging population.

The latest updates on the U.S. 2010 Census were just published and  the data points to significant growth in the 65+ population. The data also shows a record number of elderly parents are now living with their adult children.

According to Inside Elder Care, this number has surged by 62 percent in the last seven years.

This New Haven VT home has a wonderful second kitchen

This means that the Sandwich Generation (people responsible for bringing up their own children and for the care of their aging parents) is growing, even here in Vermont and the Northeast, where the population grew by only 3.2%. Seniors are healthier, living longer, and will soon make up 20% of the U.S. population. And more of them are moving in with their kids. There are currently more than 45 million households across the country providing care for an elderly family member.

This Cornwall  home with a mother-in-law apartment is just 10 minutes from Middlebury

Elder care at home definitely presents challenges, including a loss of privacy for both the senior and the care-giver, but after a visit to the website the benefits of home care often outweigh the disadvantages. Studies show that seniors living with family experience greater physical and well-being. Happier seniors have better lives. With the right housing, the whole family will benefit.

Lake views, four elegant bedrooms and a mother-in-law apartment above the carriage house, Bridport VT

This is where the Mother-In-Law apartment comes into play. Seniors are able to maintain some of their autonomy while remaining close enough to family to get the support they need. Care givers are able to maintain some semblance of the lifestyles they enjoyed before mom and dad moved in.

The mother-in-law apartment was added to this Bristol home in 2007

Planning ahead for such an eventuality is key. You could find yourself happily “Sandwiched in Addison County” in any of the mother-in-law properties on this page.

Click on each image for full property details.

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