Impress Prospective Buyers with Easy Room Makeovers

Whether you are selling an inn or a home, staging each room can greatly increase the saleability of the property. Staging a home or inn allows for the best possible first impression, which most often occurs before buyers ever step foot on the property. These days, most initial contact with a property occurs online so the pictures of your property should be enticing enough to get buyers interested. And when potential buyers decide to visit your home, make sure that it is presentable and that utilities are working properly. If your home is connected to a septic tank, check if it’s time to call a septic tank services company for maintenance and other septic services.

There are many resources online about how to do staging yourself, as well as professionals who can do a consultation and provide recommendations or who can take care of the staging for you. Statistics from the Real Estate Staging Association say that in 2008, the average vacant house was on the market for 190 days, while a staged home was on for 28 days. Part of the reason for this is that a staged home demonstrates a more desirable lifestyle than a completely vacant or obviously lived in home does.

According to the RESA, a staged property

  • Looks better than others on the market
  • Sells faster
  • Typically sells for more money
  • Looks better in print and internet ads
  • Receives more foot traffic
  • Ends up on a buyer’s “must see” list
  • Is viewed by buyers as “well maintained
  • Is viewed as “well maintained” by Appraisers
  • Is often appraised at a higher values
  • Is “move in ready”

Check out some wonderful examples of easy room makeovers you can do yourself, mostly involving rearranging furniture and painting, that will greatly increase interest in your property, as well as the selling price. You may also visit sites like or you may drop by at your local furniture store if you are looking for the perfect, unique furniture such as Live Edge Slabs to add to your room.