Birdseye Building Company – The Finest in Vermont Architecture, Building and Craftmanship

The Birdseye Building Company, based in Richmond, Vermont, is entering it’s 25th year as one of Vermont’s finest creators of luxury properties. With a staff able to complete a project from it’s conceptual design stage to the finishing touches of interior design and landscaping, Birdseye continually provides an outstanding level of service to it’s clients. In their own words,

“Our design philosophy is to create buildings that are beautiful to behold, healthy to live in and efficient to own. The artful integration of the built and the natural landscape provide the Architectural cornerstones for buildings that celebrate texture, color, light, proportion and scale.Our designs strive to provide an atmosphere that is elegant and joyful and helps to sustain and nurture the human spirit in daily life.

Each Birdseye home represents the finest in Architectural design and building innovation. Our passion is reflected in the creative energy we devote to each project, combining the varied elements of lifestyle, environmental considerations and financial constraints. Our commitment to our client’s needs and the awareness of our increasingly fragile environment inspires the creation of buildings that embrace beauty, practicality and sustainability.”

Birdseye Building Company’s dedication to sustainable and green building earned it the cover story in the Spring 2009 issue of Green Business Quarterly. You can learn more about some of their renewable energy projects from their blog. As members of the US Green Building Council, they are experienced in geothermal heating and cooling systems, solar thermal hot water systems, wind power, and construction waste control.

I invite you to browse through their project gallery, as well as their woodworking, metal, glass and landshaping galleries. The beauty of their projects, along with their environmentally conscientious approach to building and design truly makes Birdseye Building a valuable resource. For more information, visit their website.

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