Let Artist Susan Abbott Show You Vermont

Farmhouse Barbershop, Susan Abbott

Vermont based visual artist Susan Abbott started a wonderful blog in October of 2008 titled ‘Let Me Show You Vermont’, named after a book of the same title written in 1937 by Charles Edward Crane, which is also the first book she bought when she moved to Vermont. Inspired by Crane’s vivid descriptions of Vermont’s rural past, Abbott’s blog – in her own words – “[is a report] of what’s still here, what has vanished forever, and what may be coming to my wonderful adopted home state.”

Her blog shows both paintings (which are available for purchase) and sketches from her personal journals of her travels throughout Vermont. Most of the towns she visits are new to her and she faithfully refers back to her guiding text comparing what she observes today with what Crane observed over 70 years ago. Abbott notes businesses, buildings of interest, historically relevant tidbits as well as the driving route in each post. It’s comforting to read along and recognize the places in her sketches, or to learn something new about a place that may only be a name on a sign you see on your daily commute.

I highly suggest reading through her past posts and checking in on her blog every so often to see where her travels have taken her. She is a joy to ‘travel’ with and shares a wonderful view of Vermont. You can also visit her website, www.susanabbott.com for more information and images of her work.

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