Advice for First-Time Buyers

Did you know that two-thirds of Americans reported having some degree of entrepreneurial intentions according to a 2006 Yahoo Inc. poll? How can you, looking to buy or open and inn or bed and breakfast in Vermont, distinguish your business from others? In order for one to set themselves ahead and ensure success, being prepared right from the beginning is an absolute necessity says Mike Handelsman, general manager of  He offers expert advice for those looking to purchase a business for the first time in “Jump-starting the dream: How to successfully buy a small business”.

In his article, Handelsman outlines four “critical factors” for first time buyers: Use online resources, Be savvy in dealing with sellers, Follow through with due diligence and Embrace lifestyle changes.  For each factor, he offers managable techniques and gives examples as to how each factor can positively affect not only the buyers experience, but also the success of their future business.

To access the full article, and valuable advice, click here.

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