The Sweet Taste of Success: Lake Champlain Chocolates – An Affordable Luxury

Jim Lampman, CEO and Founder of Lake Champlain Chocolate may have one ofthe best jobs in the Vermont. He started the company in Burlington, VT 25 years ago, and has always been glad that tasting his product “is part of his job description”, and one of the best ways to keep tabs on the business. Here are some of his useful tips for success in the food sales business:

_ Avoid shooting for huge spikes in growth as they create havoc.

– Build the capacity for change into your business because markets and technologies never stand still.

-Stay in touch with the ingredients and the finished product…”get to know the back-end of the business as well as the front end”.

-Hire good people and work hard to pay them what it is worth as it is a part of remote jobs.

-Take energetic breaks from work

-Keep your mission simple -“start with a quality product and then deliver that product”.

To view a recent article about Jim and Lake Champlain Chocolate, see The Burlington Free Press article in Business Monday – Vermont’s guide to the business community. Dated December 15, 2008.